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February 2006
Welcome to the February 2006 eGames4you newsletter! Last month's debut of our 3Cats EduFun! series was a success. If you are new to eGames4you or missed them last month, you can still meet up with them at their game console.

New Series Update
3Cats EduFun! has three new games featuring each of the kitties. Get to know them better and have fun learning too.
  1. Tashie will get the young ones typing.
  2. Kaylie will romp through a telling time lesson.
  3. Bullet will share his treats letter by letter.
Meet up with them at their game console.

4E Tips
"Help" and "how to" are not for the newbie only! All our games not only are excellent to play, but did you know there are many tidbits of information tucked inside those menus? Check them out and you will increase your skills and win the game.

4E Sneak Peak
Yes, this is a new feature! Since 3Cats EduFun! series will be introducing new games each month for our gradeschoolers, we thought, "let our loyal subscribers get a sneak peak!"


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